Old Hey Mill

S.D. 994090

Old Hey Mill


Wool manufacture, dyeing and dressing was in evidence at Old Hey between 1819 and 1852. ​​ Throughout this time the occupier was James Rhodes.


Between 1865-80 it was in the hands of James Carter who was a shawl and flannel maker.


It was still classed as a Felt Works on the 1891 O.S. Map but in reality had probably ceased trading.




the 1891 O.S.Map, but in reality had

probably ceased trading.

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In 1880 it was classified as a “felt mill” on the O.S.map.


The last reference to the mill was in 1890.


James Carter bought the Carrcote Mill in 1891 to continue the manufacture of hats.


This old stone garage on Millcroft Lane marks the site of the mill. ​​ Behind and to the left is a reeded area, clear evidence of the extent​​ of the mill pond.​​ 

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