Lump Hole

SD. 973108

Lump​​ Hole Mill


This mill was built by John Miln of Brimmycroft in 1786-7. ​​ It was still in his ownership in 1800 when he leased it for 999 years. ​​ The earliest record of payment of Land Tax was 1787.


It was referred to as a Scribbling Mill in​​ 1812 by the Manchester Mercury, and between 1834 and 1851 John Bentley, a cloth dresser, is registered.


There is reference to, ‘a wool spinner and slubber’ in 1851,​​ but the mill itself was not rated in 1852.


Whilst the mill appears on the 1848 O.S.Map it​​ is not named and was probably empty. ​​ The outline of the millpond can just be made out, in the river valley by the Milnrow Road, and there is evidence of stone building work.



Lumb Hole Mill was built by Lumb Hole Brook, on the western side of​​ Huddersfield Road, just out of Denshaw village.

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1820 Map showing 4 Denshaw Mills.​​ 

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