S.D. 998100

Castleshaw Mill


Like Broadhead Mill, Castleshaw Mill was built by John Buckley. ​​ The exact date of construction is again unclear, and little is known of its early working. ​​ What evidence there is of its working life in the years to 1853 seem dominated by the Kenworthy family. ​​ The only other names associated with the mill, are the owners, who were the Lloyds, and members of the Schofield family who seemed to have shared occupancy of the mill, either continuously or from time to time.


This drawing by Ammon Wrigley shows Castleshaw Mill in the background, similar in style and size to its near neighbour Broadhead Mill (in foreground).

D:\Jim\Mills\B&W Photos\Broad Cas.jpg


Directories refer to the above as wool merchants and cloth dressers, and the last reference is in 1853. ​​ Like the Broadhead Mill lower downstream, the Castleshaw Mill disappeared beneath Castleshaw Upper Reservoir at some date in the 1890s.​​